kill them with kindness

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Sharing my bed with a boyfriend, a dog and a kitten.

Can’t say I’m getting a lot of room.

I could not be more excited for workaholics to come back in under a week!

I’ve decided for valentines day that I’m going to give Andrew a jar of written notes about things I love about him. I thought it would be nice, and rather thoughtful, and he can go back and look at it when ever he likes.

I go through food obsessions, and at the moment it’s jam toast.

Seriously, how good is jam toast?

It’s finally happened. I’m completely bored with life.

Really considering sleeping, but then I have to get up in the early AM to cook my boyfriend dinner, because I am the best girlfriend ever.

The last two years I have made resolutions which I have completed, this year I want to be happy with who I am and what I look like.

My birthday has been pretty good. Although I had to work this morning, I actually spent it with people, instead of by myself like the last two years.

It’s my birthday!

As I only have 1 hour and 20 minutes left of 2012 I may as well do a bit of a reflection.

2012 has had it’s up and downs.

That’s my 2012 pretty much summed up, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

I’ve just realised I will have copleted my new years resolution this year. I haven’t cut for the year.

I don’t understand people who want the year to end because it’s been so ‘shitty’. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t make everything in the previous year go away, hurt any less or get any better.

All I want for my birthday is Grumpy Cat.

Eh, can’t believe I’m 23 tomorrow.