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Life update.

So, I vanished again, I tend to do that a lot. Because of that I thought I’d give you a little update on my life. Andrew moved in, it’s been a month and we’re still happy.. I suppose that’s a positive sign. I’m still at woolworths and still have no idea what I’m doing in my life, actually that’s a lie I have a little bit of progress. I plan on going back to university next year, although I’ve just graduated from my four year course. This time I will be studying film and tv and I think I might actually enjoy that a lot more than my previous course, as well as help me make some more friends. But that’s not until next year, so at the moment my life consists of work, the boyfriend and watching IMDB’s top 250 movies (I have 112 of them left).

If you have any inquiries don’t be afraid to swing me a message.

Three years ago I lost one of the most amazing people in my life. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss you, Mum.

I haven’t spent an evening by myself in my bed watching movies in a very long time. Total bliss.

Dear God, I’m going to be needy bitch this week.


Well, possibly. I’m trying to rekindle my love for tumblr but it could fail immensely.

Life update; I’m pretty happy at the moment, and busy with work and with Andrew (who is moving in with me next month). I really don’t know where I’m headed, but hey.. I’m 23, and young and this is the best time to not know where I’m headed. 

World’s Greatest Shave 2013.

My boyfriend’s sister Emily, who is 17 and in her final year of high school has decided to do the world’s greatest shave this year to help raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. She has beautiful hip length hair, and she will be shaving it all off. Not only is she shaving of her luscious locks but she will be donating her hair Pantenes’ Beautiful Lengths program and will be made into a wig for a woman suffering from cancer. 

So here’s how you can help and support Emily’s bravery, you can follow this link and donate a couple of dollars, which also has all of Emily’s details and why she has decided to do the greatest shave, and if you can’t spare the money a reblog would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m not really into tumblr as much as I used to be. But every now and then I reblog a bunch of stuff and update you on my life.

So, life.. Valentines was crappy, I cried a lot, I’ve been crying a lot lately. But I’ve also been falling in love a lot more as well. Hopefully they’re not mutual. I’ve lost some weight, not enough to be happy about myself, but I’m trying to love myself more everyday. I miss my friends, I rarely get to spend anytime with them.. Mainly because they’re all over the place and are busy, or live 2+ hours away. I think that’s about all other than I’m trying to find a full time job, or if it’s part time, I’m going to go back and study for the year. Oh, and I was sick last week for a number of days, which was awful.

I hope life is treating you all wonderfully.

Can’t even remember the last time I was sick. This sucks.

Myself hatred is pushing its way back in. I’m trying to not think about it and be completely positive about myself but its not working, all I can do is eat and I have no self control, so wanting to throw up is going through my mind. I want to talk to Andrew about it, but I’m scared I’ll make him worry.

Six months with my favourite boy today!

So, I’m kind of excited for valentines day this year. Not only will I have my first ever valentines, I’ll have someone that loves me to spend it with.

I just joined letterboxd, it’s not much to look at yet but I’m quite the movie fanatic. So, you can follow me here. And if you’re interested in a invitation let me know, I have 3 left. 

Today I feel disgusting, and hate myself.

Hopefully tomorrow’s a better day.

The bushfire has hit my hometown. I feel so helpless, all I can do is hope that everything turns out okay.

Becoming extremely worried knowing that my home town is under threat of a bushfire. My family and friend’s lives are at risk.